Beautiful cheese, beautifully fired.​

​About us.​

Longtime cheese lovers, we are excited to have the opportunity to bring this style of cheese and preparation to our fellow cheesehounds in the West.  We are confident that you will love the sensory overload that this traditional Alpine experience brings.

We will commit to offering the freshest of cheeses and will offer a variety along with some favorites - a beautiful salt washed rind Reading from Vermont or a creamy, pungent Savoie from France.  We are certain that every visit is something you will remember and have you wanting to return for more.

The cheeses.

The cheeses that we use are born out of extensive tasting and testing.  The melting properties, mouthfeel and flavor profiles all play a critical role in achieving the perfect Raclette experience. 

We have formed relationships with the leading cheese importers to source beautiful European and domestic Raclette cheeses.  Before our arrival, Raclette was a nascent offering by most and difficult to keep up with demand.  We have now leveraged this demand to bring a variety of Raclette cheeses to the Pacific Northwest that never would have appeared in our market.  Follow us on Facebook and we will let you know of our recent finds!

Beautiful cheese, beautifully fired.