Where can you get your Cheese on?

  • FARMERS MARKETS ​:  Now serving every Saturday at the South Lake Union Market and every Sunday at the Fremont Sunday Market (www.fremontmarket.com)
  • FOOD FESTIVALS:  Look for us at the Ballard Seafood Fest serving Roasted  and Toasted Cheese sandwiches!
  • CATERING (Host your own with our Raclette in a Box or let us do it!)

Beautiful cheese, beautifully fired.​

fire and scrape brings raclette to seattle!  you're welcome.

Dating from the year 1291 in the Alpine regions of Switzerland and France, Raclette (derived from the word Racler - meaning to scrape) is food theater that fires a variety of fatty Raclette cheeses and scrapes it over creamy new potatoes, French cornichons and pickled onions.   

​Fire and Scrape is offering Raclette in Seattle in a number of locations including farmers markets, pop up restaurant nights and cooperative events with wineries and breweries.  It's simply amazing.

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